Santa Monica Freeway @ 8.45 a.m.

I am late in getting to pick my son up from the garage.

Getting onto the onramp behind a huge, extreeeemely slow bashed-up yellow haulage truck and I knew She was playing with me.

Then as if to dare me not to see Her mischievousness, a white truck barrelled its way in front of me, without the least regret for not indicating. But I saw through Her disguise and relaxed to enjoy the fun. I was so pleased with myself that my first response was to relax into divine inclusion instead of the default position of seeing a separate person preventing my passage. It was worth all the loss of adrenaline.

An added bonus was the dense mist allowed me to relish in the sight of opposing traffic on a grandly curved bridge above me slowly emerging from the white formlessness of “nothing-everything” into visible form! Oh thanks and joy! To be continued…

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