The present is always calling us to Presence.

This is the dance between an apparently separate “me” and Life Itself. As I surrender all clinging to a “me” perspective, allowing it to fade from the foreground of attention, so I am infilled with the subtle whispering of Life’s silent prompts to re-membrance of what I am despite the sense of being-in-a-body. This is the deep calling to Deep. The ocean reminding the wave that its supposed individuality is meaningless without the ocean as its indivisible source.

Dissolving reactive responses to the events of “the world out-there” allows the perspective of joy to emerge as an abiding filter for experience. As what’s-in-here merges with what’s-out-there there is an ability to wear the personality and it’s opinions and judgments lightly. It becomes a temporary garment to wear for ease of relationship with this multivarious world we find ourselves surprised in.

Seeing all the contrasting positionalities of personality merely as sentences writ in water allows appreciation of water as the medium of Life, movement and light as its mystery maker; for without flow, light and shade, the waters of our individual and collective being dam up, and the silt of fixed beliefs about ourselves and others shore up our access to the healing currents of deeper flowing waters.

Wisdom begins when we recognize that there is no escape from the present no matter its character. So as we experience the popping up of denied, unloved, unseen aspects of ourselves, perfect acceptance of the gift of the moment just as it is, partial, incomplete, even dark and ugly, becomes the door to a wider deeper love affair with both ourselves just as we find ourselves, and the world just as we find it. Nothing can then alarm us, or dismay us, for we only find ourselves on every side, complete within our incompleteness, divinely sufficient within the insufficiencies that are inescapably part of the world we know.

To those thoughts and feelings which would rob us of Presence we say, “Come if you will, stay if you can and go if you must!”




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