Deeper than sound, deeper than the absence of sound, Beyond birthing and dying, beyond hope and despair, It is ever true, ever free, ever full, ever perfect, Even as It expresses through the imperfect conditional,

Its unconditionality cannot be compromised.

We are ever 2 things, Mortal and Immortal, Both dying to live & living to die, Yet deathless & birthless, Both in time, yet beyond time. Free of the burden of false regret, free of the hollow promises of a better tomorrow,

We stand free in the borderless richness of utter poverty.

Stripped down to the barebone bedrock of Being Itself, We are at peace with never arriving, yet always coming Home. Home to the sweetness of a secret glance filled with Tenderness, Home to the desolation of betrayal, Home to the end of expectation, yet Home to never ending surprise & delight,

Home to the overwhelm of sudden sadness, Home to the exaltation of intimacy won.

Astonished with awe & wonder, we roam this world, & All the worlds beyond knowing peace in the only Home we have, This ever blessed, never ceasing moment, It has no name, no qualities, no agenda, no family for It is stranger to none,

Home in all, Home as All, always. Always Home. Alleluia!!!

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