Most of us seek what we think we need out there, in the world. We seem not to know that all that we would seek can only be found within. So how does this insight impact our relationship to the hard bound circumstances of our lives?

It is said that the circumstances of our lives are the very means by which we learn how to swim in the medium of life. It is also true that lessons we do not learn repeat as limiting factors in our lives until we learn the specific lessons being taught through our very personal lives. 14522832_10208889878538566_1463740179861196987_n

A way of taking stock is to ask ourselves how our level of inner harmony reflects itself in the world we know. Any negative emotion can be understood simply as a warning light flashing on our spiritual dashboard letting us know that it is time refill our inner harmony tank! This way no circumstance, however distressing, can take us from our natural serenity.

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