It is not we who are seeking love, rather, it is Love seeking us. And the love we ‘seek’ can only be found by flinging our whole being off the edge of the known world, freely falling fully surrendered into the abyssal depths of the unknowable unseen.

It is there in the celestial darkness of divine ignorance, when all words have utterly failed, when all promises have been broken and abandoned, when all hope has been irretrievably lost, that we begin the silent ascent back, back towards the reclaiming of the light of our own most intimate being, birthing it back into our own embodiment of the light.

All form is empty. No form can contain the formless.

Yet all form is birthed from the birth-less, and !miracle! all forms reveal the beauty of the deathless residing, love, hidden in plain sight within the staggering variety and contradiction of all forms! What a mystery, what a gift. What a love to be found by!

To breathe into the wonder of newly opened eyes only now witnessing the world of form after having been stripped of all visible support, all support but the naked and unknowable Ground of Eternal Being, is to witness the unsought blessing of the primal dissolution of self and to be clenched in the embrace of a staggering awe at the sheer unrestrained beauty of creation in all its contradicting forms.

Life is revealed to be what we are, a Love that contains all that is, without variance in its ultimate repose.

All form is empty. No form can contain the infinite.

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