We breathe, but do we know that it is not we who breath, but that we are breathed by the very breath of Life Itself? 

We hurriedly glance at each other. Sliding by in the slipstreams of our individual bubbles, seeing through the prismed eyes of limitation, we witness the gospel of separation expanded and endorsed through fear and perceived difference.

We stare at ourselves in the mirror on the wall and into the mirror of our relationships and ask ourselves, what is so wrong about all this? Why is there death too young and demented old age? Why are children and babies killed in the name of power, priviledge and greed? Why is humanity willfully killing itself through ignorance and blindness? Why such hatred and pain?

Well, of course, WHY’S have no answer.

It is only when we have learned through phenomenal pain, perhaps, to not rely on our minds to interpret reality, but on the integration of the awakened heart, shattered open by the intervention of grace, with the “common-sense” of reasonless reason, that we can learn to trust life beyond the bifurcating evidence of the senses.

All spiritual disciplines tell us to turn the outward-turned river of attention inwards. Deeply inwards. To fall at last off the edge of the known world and everything in it, plunging into the abyssal light of love. It is in this undeniable encounter with the secret depth of ourselves that we are able to return to the reflected light of the senses and to know from the deepest core of our eternal being that we are the breath of Life breathing all into existence.

One holy breath at a time.

2014-12-01 14.40.27

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