War is the violation of the innate civilizing moral compass embedded within each human heart. It is a deliberate and crushing denial of the moral imperatives of individual conscience. It declares the individual the property of the state, thus rendering personal moral accountability irrelevant. The innate value of each human life and the unicity of life itself as a seamless whole is deliberately desecrated and ignored by the act of war.  This violence upon simple human dignity is inbuilt within the blind mechanisms of legalized state murder misnamed “war”.

Moral injury is the inevitable result of going to war.

As a member of the armed services, one receives a pass to relieve oneself of the natural limits of civilized behavior in order to embrace state-sanctioned violence as a creed of function. This assumption of righteous violence in the name of the structures of prevailing authority are meant to dignify the training of soldiers to view the ending of life as unfortunate yet unavoidable. This blanket sanction authorizing the taking of life does not, however, relieve the service members of their individual moral sense, however disguised by the adoption of the mores of battle. Nor does it protect them from the private unnamed results of such public violation.

The Gita states that “One neither kills, nor is killed”, but this implies a high state of spiritual awareness which recognizes the indivisibility of life, where the taking of life is resistance to unacceptable moral transgression.

The adrenaline high of battle or the exercise of “duty” in the name of the state does nothing to numb one from the deeply disturbing effects of such casual violation of inherently sacred boundaries. This becomes what has been experienced as “Moral Injury”. Where the innate sense of the sanctity of the individual (of both the perpetrator and victim) and the life they each are an expression of becoming utterly expendable in the name of war.

The “fog of war” cannot protect one from the spiritual violence of committing murder in the name of the state. In the name of upholding the structures of privilege and power which sanction and even demand such violence to oneself and the “other”, equally human, and equally invested in “righteous” defense of equally “sacred values and beliefs”.

There is no right in war. There is only damage, chaos and pain. It is a monster of blind self-justification relentlessly devouring the tenderness of all the lives it touches and destroys. It blunts, destroys and cauterizes all basic human values which go into sustaining the dignifying qualities of any civilized culture. It is a scorched earth policy where the “earth” being scorched to unrecognizable ruin is the earth of our own inner landscapes wherein we seek rest and renewal from the ravages of conflict.

War screams vengeance upon all that is quiet, beautiful and hidden from vulgar eyes.

War serves only the masters of vested interests. These vested interests protect themselves from all human cost, from the carnage and mayhem of the front hidden behind the sanctioned anesthetizing veils of unctuous corporate self-interest.

Human dignity in the face of life-denying philosophies of convention and exploitation of the will to serve a common interest is achieved at a great personal cost. To face the public denials of private spiritual violations committed in the name of such conventions of war takes true courage, beyond the usual definitions of courage, where the “enemy” has become the values of a corporatocracy which denies the value of the individual moral sense in the name of its own vicious self-interest.

We cannot let this present rise of corporate fascism take place without a vigorous defense of the rights of the individual.

In defense of the common global landscape of mutual self-interest, we must reject any defense of the “need” for war, where the interests of the few are pursued at the violent cost of individual and collective dignity as human beings.

We belong to one tribe called human. Unless we learn the art of tenderness towards the Useless, the Beautiful, the True, in ourselves and each other, we will only destroy all that we would preserve for the betterment of all our children and violate the integrity of a sustainable world which works for all.

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