There is nothing more to seek. There is no seeker to be found. There is no place or time where the Beloved is not. Yet, the unity of “knowing” does not still the sense of twoness where lover and beloved meet.

Advaita Vedanta speaks of this paradox of the One and the many: “not one, not two, but both one and two.” In “The Heart of Centering Prayer” Cynthia Bourgeault says “…it is possible to look upon the world from a nondual vantage point and still affirm the reality of change, movement, and the structures in which the formless so marvelously drapes itself; one simply sees them from the perspective of oneness.”

Yet the voice of wanting will not lie still. It looks out at the world and speaks its unrest into everything. Whatever it has it does not want, and whatever it wants can never be found. The voice of wanting has no ability to fully articulate the nature of its wanting, so it can never find a resolution. The truth that we find difficulty swallowing is that nothing visible to the “eyes” of the senses can ever but partially satisfy this ongoing inchoate hunger, this ravening appetite that nothing we do or don’t do can ultimately quench its ever-present insistence.

The true objectless object of this wanting is beyond any words or any form to contain.

It is only by surrendering all wanting into the unseen arms of a love more profound than any physical arms have or can ever embrace us, that our wanting can ever be stilled. If all desire is endless, its object too must be endless, for only a Love that has no boundaries can fulfill a desire that cannot be contained.

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