There is no moment or space in which what we call G-O-D is absent. It fills all that we see, touch, taste, smell, hear and know. It fills all before and after and beyond; It fills all below, above, around and within. It knows nothing but Itself hurled into being into a measureless, boundless expression of Its essential exuberance. The Infinite made finite.

It is beginningless Joy, consciousness undimming,  and unending existence. This is Its infallible nature. It has no words to speak for Its name is Silence: yet Its voice is clear and ringing as It intones Its Presence as a living Prayer within us.

It breathes everything into being and It plays this game of separation we misname as “you & me”, “this and that”, “here and there”, “good and evil”, “past and future”! Yet, in Its complete Infinity, wanting to know Itself in Its infinite variety It says to Itself: “Let Me play a game of forgetfulness by incarnating as human-beings and a game of remembering by incarnating Myself as all the world in all its forms!”

“These are my two feet, “forgetting” and remembering”, “light and dark”, “empty and full”, creating whole worlds at each step, in all the universes I play in.

My human prayer is to remember that I have no feet even as I wearevening-sun-on-dusty-road-ce-talamati

these clay feet: to have the beautiful earth and all in it REMEMBER who I AM!

Remember! Remember! Remember!


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