In this present dismaying climate of high alarm and outrage, it would seem appropriate to offer a gentle alternative to the “righteous anger” rising up on all sides. Our minds seem to make everything far more complicated than they need to be. We ask inappropriate questions born out of the drama of the fearful ego’s desire for control and fulfillment of personal preferences. The simple truth is that the external challenges we face are simply reflecting the inner climate we have created to live in. Both personally and collectively.

The state of our inner being becomes the texture of our external experience.

Contrary to the opinion of those who wish to “change the world” I feel in Gurdjieff’s words that “this work begins with self-observation and noticing wrong states in oneself and working against them. In this way the inner life becomes purified and since our inner life attracts our outer life, by changing our inner states, starving some and nourishing others, we also alter not only our relation to events but even the nature of the events that come to us day by day.

To walk into the center of one’s being and to wait to patiently, to abide there without entreaty, supplication or expectation, without need or desire, except to be available for the Word from the bosom of Stillness which births the whole worlds, to allow It to utter its word into the silence of your opened heart.

In order to facilitate this divine readiness, Joel Goldsmith suggests this simple prayer: “Father, pray. Reveal Thyself, the activity of Thy Being in me and through me… continuing – Father, I know not how to pray, nor what to pray for. I know not how to become free of disease or discord. He adds, Then let the Father pray! Let the Father/Mother/Divine reveal the activity of His/Her/Its thoughts. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord… listen to the Lord’s thoughts and let the Lord have His way with you.”

The idea behind this surrender of “authorship” is difficult for the mind to tabulate but simple for the open heart to recognize. It appears that to change the world we should give up trying to make it in our image, but allow itself to be revealed as God’s thought “with which He was well pleased.”

night sky 1.

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