Could this be the new cooperative community model?

Having just witnessed one of the largest and most significant gatherings of heart-awakened spiritually-conscious visionaries and sacred-activists in the world though deeply touched and heartened I come away feeling overwhelm with the challenges that face us. 
It is not then by chance that I am simultaneously reading a translation of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras by Chip Hartranft and the Tibetan Book of the Dead translated by Robert Thurman.  
The latter, instructing one to seize the most ordinary of moments to charge one’s spiritual evolution with renewed zeal and intensity of devotion:

“Hey! Now when the dream between dawns upon me/I will give up corpselike sleeping in delusion/And mindfully enter the experience of reality/Conscious of dreaming, I will enjoy the changes as clear light/Not sleeping mindlessly like an animal/I will cherish the practice merging sleep and realization.”

And in Patanjali’s words: “Yoga is to still the patterning of consciousness. Then, pure awareness can abide in its very nature… Both practice and non-reaction are required to still the patterning of consciousness. Practice is the sustained effort to rest in that stillness. 

And this practice becomes firmly rooted when it is cultivated skillfully and continuously for a long time. 

Realization may also come if one is oriented toward the ideal of pure awareness, Isvara. Isvara is a distinct, incorruptible form of pure awareness, utterly independent of cause and effect, and lacking any store of latent impressions.”

To witness the visionary genius of human courage, strength, wisdom and creativity so concentrated in such a venue as the World Parliament of Religions Conference earlier this month in Toronto, Canada is to feel both overwhelm and an intensity of fierce sacred optimism! It is to be armed with a real hope that this visionary/practical “blueprint” for a wholescale reorganization (beginning locally) of global systems of governance promoting socio-economic justice, implementing unconditional inclusivity as an expression of love. A love that can universally carry us (humankind) all over the threshold of an outdated historically flawed embedded social operating-system into a new consciousness of the experience of being human, invited and encouraged to be more divine yet still remaining human!

My wife Debrah and I were privileged to be invited to a day-long core meeting of 80+ sacred activists? Amonsgt these were luminaries such as a Nobel Peace Prize nominee (Jude Currivan), Indigenous leaders (Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq “Man Who Looks Like His Uncle”, an Eskimo-Kalaallit Elder whose family belongs to the traditional healers of the Far North from Kalaallit Nunaat, Greenland and Chief Phil Lane Jr.), Grammy-winning musicians (Pato Banton), artists/poets and internationally renowned interspiritual/social-activists working in concert to shape the “saving of the earth” implementing the reality of the consciousness of Mother Gaia as a living entity. It was quite a shock to discover co-revolutionaries who speak my mother tongue of Unity Consciousness in celebration of Oneness! One, in particular, was Jonathan Granoff of the Global Security Institute. It was a stunning occasion to bask in the fervor of practical idealists who are actually doing something real to affect positive change in a world which seems too small to escape the consequences of unchecked human predation and the massed ignorance of “deer caught in the headlights of an impending climate catastrophe”.

There was science paraded in all its revealed wisdom as an inextricable ally to the mature spirituality required to face down this the gravest suicidal threat to the human species in all of history as we know it/with the voices of the like of the Dalai Lama and so much more than it is possible to share in this limited medium. (see Parliament of the World Religions).

So I leave you here with the whimsey of shy optimism in the face of inextricabilities we might never win over, but also with the hope that the genius of the human endeavor might learn the wisdom of surrender and humility as we all, individually and collectively prepare for the coming trials and unexpected joys life offers us each and every moment.


with Prof John Cobb and Rev Bonnie Tarwater @ the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto Nov. 1 – 7 2018

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