The world is not an object in front of us, it is the whole of us, we are it, and it is us, and no disentanglement is possible.

The world is as much us as we are it. It cannot be changed from a burning hell to a cooling heaven without fully over hauling our collective operating assumptions. How we see ourselves is what world we are creating.

If we see ourselves as separate from each other and therefore more inclined to think in terms of survivalist self-interest, then we are creating a world of death and ignorance. In other words we are creating the world of newspaper headlines.

Someone said that where we put our attention is where our energy goes. If, knowing that we are not the complexities of our personal stories, but rather the space from which everything is born, then why not birth a new world where the common good is our gospel, where climate justice is our religion, and economic justice our law?

All that is born must die, life itself knows not of death but only of changing forms. The forms that life will adopt after the vast environmental collapse that is imminent will be its own adaption to the conditions prevailing… Life will continue but not in the forms and ways we have become addicted to. So why not dream a truer belonging to this earth mother we have taken for granted, whom we have abused in our greed and ignorance of the blessing she is for all that breathes, for all that sighs, for all that cries out in the night.

a view of Mazoe Dam in Zimbabwe

May we know a truer belonging to all that is Life.

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