This “walking ourselves home” is an ongoing business. There is no one stop shop, where we hit the “home” button & we’re done! No, it’s a continual re-birthing into the eternal present of our common birthright. The psychiatrist Gerald C. May put it beautifully when he said that “a contemplative psychology could embrace in-the-round, the great conundrum of the Word-become-flesh that we call the human self.”

Each of us is a mustard seed of love planted in the rude soil of our human journey, where as unique offerings to the unspeakable gift of life, we are to learn how to make ourselves as transparent as glass, so that the light that burns in us may shine forth into the darkness of this world.
We grow stronger as a living song to life which has made us what we are. We are each a unique song that the divine has given us each to learn to sing, so that the harmony of our gathered voices might be a triumphant shouting of hosannas into the face of silence, untold loss, grief, sorrow and pain.

As we learn to more fully embrace whatever comes, without resistance or clinging, without escaping or avoiding, we allow what terminally remains when everything else has gone, to emerge from out of the fruitful and generous earth of our beings. To become unique blossoms birthed out of the unbaked clay of our humanness, emblems of our hard won inner peace, worn to grace the air with the scent of love permeating everything.
We are spirit first before being anything else.

We are born from timelessness before we are borne into the river of time.
Time flowing seeks its fulfillment in timelessness.
The infinite ocean of timelessness holds all beginnings, middles and ends; it comes before all things, endures through all things and remains when all things are ended.

In a cultural milieu of unbridled indivi-dualism there is a fatal poverty of wanting that has the need to shout its “special” individuality out into the deranged public discourse. Everyone is either self-inflating, self-denigrating, or, naming, blaming and shaming others. This is the ill-managed behavior of children who have been unwisely sanitized from all of life’s potential “harm”; and like rare and precious creatures in a cultural zoo, have been too well protected from the wilderness both within themselves and the naked wild invitations of life itself to thrive through adversity.
Anxiously misguided parents have tried to offer their children a sanitized PC placebo so that Life without bumper rails does not crush them alive. The ancient Roman custom of leaving naked infants alone out in the wild winter overnight has been forgotten.
We can neither protect ourselves from life, nor can we protect anyone else from the creative chaos of the life that lives in them and flourishes unmanicured and unmanageable around us all.

All contrasts from the most sublime and ridiculous, to most sacred and profane are here to stay and until we can successfully navigate all these contrasts within ourselves we will always be projecting our own unfinished business onto others and blaming those “others” as causing our own self-designed dismay at a world we are so helpless and spiritually ineffectual in.

The suggested phrase is “grow a (spiritual) backbone” and its companion could be “by getting a life beyond yourself”!

Our spiritual health requires the unequivocal interventions of life to interrupt the incessant self-dialogue we mischaracterize as “normal” life. Without these crucial dramatic inner disruptions & interruptions of the habitual and largely unconscious inner monologue we would slide into the silent mania of unaccountable spiritual flabbiness. A worse fate than death.

So, let’s get a life beyond our own and give it freely for the good of all!

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