Getting into a receptive state for a download isn’t about doing anything. It’s about being heart-centered and trusting the flow of Presence to be available on call being innocent of any intent but to listen deeply to the whispering of the voice of silence.

Strictly speaking, I do not write poetry. Poetry pours through me. I simply start writing the first word that appears. Allowing the hand to write with the mind in suspension, quicker than I can read them, I follow the words as they rush by, heart open in wonder. The poems then flow through me as a whole woven cloths. I rarely edit except for a word here or there, sometimes changing the order of some phrases.

Here follow two poems:


By Andre van Zijl © 2019

O, Lord, 

O, sweet Beloved,

O, Heart of my heart,

O, Breath of my breath,

O, Sight of my seeing,

O, Touch of my touching,

O, Walker of my walking,

O, Tongue of my tongue,

O, Speech of my speaking,

O, Word of my words,

O, Knower of my knowing,

O, Life of my life,

O, final Delight of my being,

May I stop defending myself from You!

I measure myself out piecemeal,

beggaring myself, as if I could control 

how we speak, or dance together!

You long to give Your whole Self to me,

to flood my every cell with the miracle of Your presence,

yet, foolishly I cling to the tiniest antediluvian vestiges of myself,

as if they could have more value than You!

What madness is this?

Grant me the wisdom to hurl myself completely into the extinguishing cauldron

of Your love.

Cover me with the ashes of longing so that I fully release all hope 

that anything less can give me respite from all that You are!

You long to give everyone the everything that You are, so that we might be what we truly are –

sacred vessels serving the highest in ourselves, 

serving the highest in everything else.


AMEN AWAKE! by Andre van Zijl © 08/24/17

The unchained chasm of stillness opens now,

seamlessly from within, 

swallowing all possible worlds, 

disappearing all vestiges of human belonging. 

All words now fail to capture meaning. 

Thoughts become the semaphore blinking of sun 

on wind-chattering water,  

a dancing alphabet of light.

Irresistible cosmic river of love 

pouring, ceaselessly through the unclenched heart. 

Heaven flowers, 

divine lotus unfurled, 

all knots burned free, 

blooming its all-encompassing radiance 

through all perception, 

in all directions. 

Inside and out, 

up and down, 

here and there, 

you and me, 

them and us, 

all have lost any meaning. 

The weighted tenderness of unqualified love EXPLODES,, 

filling all conceivable crevices of being 

till nothing can escape its radiating presence. 

All is peace beyond any possible cause. All is joy beyond any shadow of expectation. All is ineradicable life, unborn, eternally triumphant beyond any absurdity called death. Everything is birthed into each living breath, each incandescent moment ceaselessly self-renewed in the “ever-present origin.” Oh what unutterable blessedness! 

All is. 


Later, the return beckons. 

Now, the real work of joining earth to heaven begins.

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