I am a tenth generation white African born in Zimbabwe, a museum artist, a published poet and at present co-founder and co-director of All Paths Divinity School – an online non-denominational interspiritual seminary allowing our students to become empowered sacred activists. I was born a Christian to a father who in his 40’s decided to give up farming to become an Anglican (Episcopal) priest. I obviously became a Hindu monk as a response, and now am married to a Jewess! My journey has been from being crushed by my “story” to releasing all claim to it and discovering the immense freedom of radical emptiness out of which a collection of poems was born –Emptied of Myself: A Warrior’s Ode to Love and the Infinite Self. 

I am learning each day to increasingly embody the wisdom of dis-identifying with all thoughts, feelings, opinions and preferences to allow the spontaneous arising of a wider, deeper, and more inclusive sense of divinity which embraces all things in the wonder and awe of its own uncaused fullness of love beyond the capacity of any thoughts or words to convey. Being emptied of myself, I am filled with the presence of That timelessness which dwells within all the things of time.